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Welcome to Port of Longyearbyen

– the heart of the high arctic

The Port of Longyearbyen is the main logistic point for the cruise industry and for cargo to the different settlements on Spitsbergen. The port is located close to the city centre and Longyearbyen airport with regular flights to Tromsø and Oslo. 

In a few years, Longyearbyen and the Port of Longyear has developed into a driving force for research in the high Arctic. A large number of research vessels and research projects are using the logistic services Longyearbyen can offer. Skilled local businesses can offer support and services to most challanges mariners face up here above 78 degrees north.

We welcome you to Longyearbyen

24 februar, 2015

Flytekai skal ta imot cruiseskip, lagre drivstoff, huse universitetsansatte og laboratorium i Longyearbyen

16 april, 2014

Havnebåten MV Longyear II er klar for de første sjøprøvene etter ombygging.

- Port arrivals -
Ship nameExpected arrival
Norbjørn27-01 00:00
Norbjørn10-02 00:00
Norbjørn24-02 00:00
Norbjørn17-03 00:00
Norbjørn31-03 00:00
National Geographic Explorer31-05 07:00
Aidaluna31-05 09:00
National Geographic Explorer07-06 07:00
National Geographic Explorer14-06 07:00
Mein Schiff 115-06 09:00
MSC PREZIOSA16-06 08:00
Aidaluna17-06 09:00
Hamburg17-06 15:00
Balmoral18-06 01:00
Artania20-06 16:00
National Geographic Explorer21-06 07:00
Mein Schiff 322-06 08:00
World Odyssey22-06 16:00
Aidasol23-06 08:00
Costa Magica24-06 08:00
National Geographic Explorer28-06 07:00
Pacific Princess03-07 07:00
Aidaluna04-07 09:00
Mein Schiff 305-07 09:30
Amadea05-07 16:00
Astoria07-07 11:00
Ocean Majesty10-07 09:00
MSC PREZIOSA11-07 08:00
Silver Explorer12-07 06:30
Astoria15-07 11:00
Hanseatic16-07 06:00
Albatros16-07 15:00
Silver Explorer19-07 06:30
Aidaluna21-07 09:00
Prinsendam22-07 12:00
Hebridean Sky24-07 06:00
Black Watch24-07 18:30
Mein Schiff 431-07 09:30
MSC PREZIOSA05-08 08:00
Amadea05-08 16:00
Marco Polo07-08 14:00
Silver Explorer08-08 06:30